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If you have a business engaged in any field of decoration and gift, it is about to meet the creativity and originality of our products.

In NURIA GRAU took 30 years dedicated to decorating and gift world, creating a decoration according to the times.

Sculptures and floral compositions made in austrian crystal and Murano glass are the basis of our designs.

In the 80s the Bonsai line emerges, the first rows sculptures with silver and gold trunks, sculptures of great technical complexity, and laborious manual work are created.

Over the last 90 years in the creative plane, it presents one of the great landmarks of the brand, hundreds of flowers that give rise to a composition full of light and color. Flowers and petals have always had a very important meaning for the brand, so that with the support of a group of artists are elaborated petal by petal this characteristic element of the creations Nuria Grau.

Moreover, this decade represents the international expansion of Nuria Grau in various countries through participation in the International Frankfurt Book Fair, where his floral creations are a novelty and much appreciated.

Already in 2000, one of the most important events of this stage is produced by incorporating roses Capodimonte to current designs, giving a texture and printing meaningful to designs Nuria Grau, this decade of great successes crown the incorporation in Spain in all centers CORTE INGLES.

Later, in 2005, modern lines are incorporated and the Supreme collection comes with large crystal structures that fill an entire room, minimalist decor based on current trends.

We continue to innovate on color combinations and precious materials that give life to the home, plemty of sensations.

Our brand is known outside Spain, we do not forget why the domestic market which has given us the strength and confidence to open our doors to the outside.

Our company does not want to miss the opportunity to convey our sincere thanks.

We thank our loyal customers and understanding in difficult times in the market.

We thank our employees the desire and willingness to work all these years.

Thank you all for trusting in our project.

If you want to join our team, send your resume to rrhh@nuriagrau.com. All information we receive will be kept confidential and will only be consulted for a possible need for personnel that fits their profile.

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Nuria Grau lived during his youth in the famous La Pedrera (Barcelona), designed by the architect Antonio Gaudi. Playing within that world of asymmetrical shapes, their imagination was growing and developing a different sensitivity.

Nuria Grau creates all his figures in the city of Barcelona. The first installations were inaugurated in 1982 and the global implementation of the firm gradually expanded to the seat that has today. Keeping in the center of the city a Show Room where the workshop was housed for 90th years.

Nuria Grau is a registered name. Nuria Grau designs are now a symbol of elegance and good taste.

Creativity and ingenuity linked to the quality of crystal used make the work of Nuria Grau a brilliant gift.

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In NURIA GRAU we are always serving our customers, offering quality and personalized service according to their business needs.

Our products are manufactured with high quality raw materials, Murano Glass and Austrian Crystal form the basis of our designs.

Eight possible colors for each design adapting to consumer tastes, also the mixture of tones is giving hundreds of possible combinations for each model.

Platinum, Transparent, Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Amethyst color are the basis from which each composition is manufactured.

The collections are encompassed by:

The packaging is elegant and resistant to transport, we include our warranty and serial number on all manufactured items.

Our commitment is to continue offering innovative and attractive to current market items.

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We are manufacturers, we are always attentive to the needs of our customers, so that your business has what is you want and what you need with the highest quality, reliability and elegance. With our guarantee that will always one step ahead in decoration.

The quality and service is very important for everyone, so you have our satisfaction guarantee customer service. All our products go through different quality controls before being packaged and shipped with a packing height of the product we offer.

Service: our delivery time: 7 to 15 days (date / order)

Attendance: we have business in Spain and subsidiaries in foreign countries.

Comfort: our payment cover a wide range of needs. Feel free to contact and inform.

Updated design: whenever a new model is designed, our page will be updated every moment, changing models every so often, keeping some and replacing others, to always keep abreast of the latest news and decoration needs.

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We participate in national and international fairs, in order to show the items to the natural. Below we show fairs in which we participate:

Intergift Madrid

Expohogar Barcelona

Ambiente Frankfurt

Macef Milan

Si necesita más información al respecto será un placer atenderles.